Paramount PV3 In-floor Cleaning

Atlas Pools is licensed for the installation of the most advanced pool cleaning system available – Paramount PV3 In-Floor Cleaning.

Constructed into the pool shell, the Paramount PV3 is a complete self-cleaning and circulation system engineered to clean your entire pool including; floors, steps, benches and spas. PV3 is custom designed to suit each unique pool shape and is so effective that it will clean 99% of your entire pool, guaranteed. It will also significantly reduce your pool heating and chemical costs for the life of your pool.

Not only does the system eliminate the need for vacuum hoses or other bulky equipment,  the PV3 floor nozzles disappear back into the pool floor when not operating, making it virtually invisible.

“When it comes to spending your free time there are more important things to do than tending to your swimming pool. Thanks to PV3, the automatic In-Floor pool cleaning and circulation system, your pool can be built to clean itself while you relax.” – Paramount website.

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The Enviroswim fresh water pool system utilises 3 independent processes including oxidisation, copper-silver ionisation and ultrasonic frequencies in order to control algae, bacteria, crypto, guardia, calcium and silica. These 3 processes allow the reduction of most chemicals by 80% and water and electrical usage by 50% saving a combined total of up to $900 per year.

Enviroswim water is non-irritating to the skin, eyes and ideal for asthmatics, psoriasis and eczema sufferers.

It is a true environmentally friendly pool system reducing power, chemical and water usage. The pool’s backwash water can be recycled without diluting for the use in gardens, holding tanks and grey water systems. – Enviroswim website.

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The MagnaPool sanitising system uses magnesium and potassium rich minerals from the ocean which provides not only therapeutic water for your family but is gentle on our environment.

The MagnaPool system uses a special filtration media called Diamond Kleen. The Diamond Kleen media is made from fused silicon dioxide (100% recycled glass) and can save up to 65% of your average backwash water consumption.

When diluted 5:1 MagnaPool can be used to water your garden and lawn.MagnaPool contains magnesium which is the central atom of chlorophyll and essential to the life of a green plant.

A positive by-product of the MagnaPool system is the creation of Magnesium Hydroxide in soluble form which has been used for health and beauty applications. MagnaPool water does not sting the eyes, leave a salty residue on your skin, turn blond hair green or have potent chlorine smells. – MagnaPool Website

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Davey Salt Water Chlorinators

Salt is a naturally occurring substance and when added to your pool creates mildly salted water that is enjoyable and soft to the touch, just like swimming in a mineral spa. Davey Chloromatic® sanitisers provide the cleanest, most sparkling water, making your pool easier to maintain and pleasant to swim in.

Traditionally, pools have been sanitized by using packaged chlorine which involves certain risks in production, transport, handling and storage. Chlorine is effective; however, the major cost of ownership is attributed to buying chlorine to maintain correct sanitation levels. Even when adding a stabiliser to protect it from UV, in the height of summer chlorine can still evaporate at an unacceptably fast rate.

This traditional sanitation process can be greatly improved by using the Davey Chloromatic. This extremely effective and convenient process is based on electrolysis of common salt. By installing the Davey Chloromatic equipment and the addition of pool salt, you are not only choosing a system that is “green” (environmentally friendly), you will be creating water that is crystal clear, pure and fresh for your swimmers to enjoy!  – Davey Website

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Pool Pumps

Davey Pool Pumps

From the Davey Website – As a key piece of equipment for your swimming pool, reliability and the right selection is important to ensure your pool is adequately filtered and sanitized. Pumps can typically run for many hours each day, so it is important to consider quiet operation and energy efficiency when choosing your pump.

Davey’s range of pool pumps include:

ProMaster® Variable Speed – 8 Star Energy Rated

PowerMaster® Eco Series, 3 speed – 8 Star Energy Rated

PowerMaster® Eco Series, 2 speed – 6 Star Energy Rated

Silensor® water cooled design

PowerMaster® Fixed Speed

Hurricane® Swim Jet System

Typhoon™ pool pump

Whisper™ small pool and solar pump

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Intelliflo VS High Performance Pump

From the Pool Water Products Website – IntelliFlo® VS High Performance Pump is the world’s smartest swimming pool pump. Its onboard computer and intelligent software automatically
calculate and program the minimum flow requirements for every pool task – filtering, heating, cleaning, spa jets, water features and more – to optimize performance and minimize energy use. As functions/tasks change, IntelliFloself-adjusts to maintain optimal flow rates for further energy

An Eco Select Brand Choice: Standard pool pumps can consume as much energy as all other home appliances combined, often costing more than $1,000 per year! IntelliFlo® VS High Performance Pump pumps can typically cut energy use by up to 90%, generally saving $620 to $1,360 in utility costs annually – more where rates are higher than average.*

Automatically monitors and adjusts flow rates to optimize performance and minimize energy use – reduces energy consumption by up to 90%. Built-in diagnostics protect the IntelliFlo pump from the most common causes of premature failure – loss of prime, overheating, freezing and voltage irregularities.

Permanent magnet motor and TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) design assure quietest operation of any pool pump. Super-efficient permanent magnet motors produce far less heat and vibration,
resulting in less stress and wear on pump components for longer life. Compatible with IntelliTouch®, EasyTouch® and SunTouch® pool control systems


*Savings based on comparison pump running between 6 and 12 hours per day at the national average of 15 cents/kilowatt hour in a 20,000 gallon pool. Actual savings may vary based on plumbing size and length, pump model, service factor, flow rates, and other hydraulic factors.


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