Pool Lighting

The Pal 2000 LED lighting is a unique Australian made underwater Pool and Spa Lighting system.

A soft evenly distributed light is now possible from the moulded prismatic lens design that provides the Pal with an outstanding illumination eliminating the end shadow effect common with other existing pool lights, all this with a 10,000 hour life lamp or colour lock LED lamp.

The Pal operates from a safe 12V supply. Its unique extraction system allows the light to be removed from the pool wall with no tools when the lamp has to be replaced. The system makes it easy for the light colour to be changed, with 6 fixed colours, 2 colour effects and 3 start colours.

Pool Automation

Thanks to digital technology advances, the Pentair automated control systems take pool convenience to the next level by offering superior control of your pool and spas filtration cycles, heating, cleaning systems, sanitisation, water features, lighting and more. From basic to advanced systems this technology provides easy single button operation through a range of wired and wireless control panels that are built in to the home’s outdoor living spaces.

In addition, pool owners can access their equipment via optional in-door control panels, spa-side remotes, wireless hand-held remotes and iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, android, Mac or PC interfaces.

With three main models available, this is the perfect system for pool owners looking for the ultimate pool and spa control.

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