Pool Studio 3D concept designs

We believe that design is one of the most important aspects in delivering a pool that has a balance between its visual aspects and overall function. We will happily invest our time into the design process for each of our clients and cater to the individual desires of all. We understand that for all customers, the design and construction of a swimming pool could be a new experience and the installation of a pool is a major investment. Atlas Pools offer all clients a rare and exciting design experience with our 3D concept designs from PoolStudio to assist with bringing your thoughts, ideas and dreams to a reality.

As part of our design and quotation process;PoolStudio software from Structure Studios, gives us the ability to digitally create and design your pool, spa, landscape and total outdoor area in 3D, giving all clients the privilege of virtually viewing their pool before the start of construction. The program provides thousands of 3D features, colour and material concepts with no restrictions on design possibilities. Our artistic impressions will assist in the creation and perfecting of each design and helps to ensure 100% satisfaction with the design and features prior to construction.

Laura, our in-house designer, has 4 years’ experience with PoolStudio and has worked behind the scenes within the swimming pool industry for 6 years. With your input and her experience we will ensure that the planning process is fun and easy and we will address every aspect needed to achieve your dream swimming pool.




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