Pool Interiors

Gold Pebblecrete Swimming Pool Interior

A traditional and resort styled option for your pool interior. The product that was popular through the 70s and 80s is still a durable and popular option for swimming pools and is now being combined with modern finishes to create a beautiful and inviting swimming pool.

Alternative to the modern spin, many clients choose to keep with a natural look and as gold pebblecretecreates a beautiful natural water colour many opt for a ‘rollover’ coping finish to create a beach, lagoon or rainforest pool look.


Glass Pebble Swimming Pool Interiors

The modern and sophisticated version of pebblecrete, Glass pebblecomes in a variety of fresh colour choices and utilises the addition of smooth coloured glass beads to create glistening water and a smoother pool interior surface. Like the traditional pebblecrete, Glass pebble is durable, long lasting and colour fast but smoother and offering more options than traditional pebble.

Available in two different ranges (20% & 50% glass) with 11 colour choices and the option of custom colour combinations you are sure to find a colour that complimentsyour home and total outdoor concept.

We use one of Australia’s most reputable suppliers of glass pebble – The Blue Glass Pebble Company.



Fibreglass Pool Interiors

Fibreglass is a smooth and vibrant option for your pool interior.Professionally applied to the surface of concrete pool shell, Fibreglass is one of the smoothest interior finishes available.

This is a versatile; UV, chemical and water resistant product that contains high quality pigments to provide optimum performance and maximum life span for your pool.

A range of 9 high performance and high opacity gelcoat colours are available.


Tiled Pool Interiors

By far the most luxurious, tiled swimming pools create a high end look and incredibly smooth surface finish. Popular in up-market resort and hotel pools this option is available for all swimming pools to create abeautiful inviting pool water colour.

An endless range of colours; sizes, patterns and effects, tiles give significant freedom with choices and result in a complete individual finish suited to your style and desired look.

Our supplier, The Pool Tile Company, is one of the largest mosaic and stone importers in Australia and has a strong reputation within the industry.



Coping Stone and Pool Surrounds

Highly influenced by personal preference and overall outdoor colour scheme, the type and colour of your coping stone and pool surrounds can set the scene for your pool. We supply and install an endless array of options for this component of your project including; Himalayan quartz, granite tiles, quartzite, limestone, travertine and marble in multiple colour choices, profiles and sizes.

All options offered are high quality, natural, durable and suitable for all outdoor use.

Our supplier is the largest mosaic and stone importers in Australia and you will be sure to find a suitable choice for your project.



Waterline Tiling

The waterline tiling of your pool (usually a 200mm band of tile on the interior of your pool below the coping stone) can be subtle and blended or contrasting and distinct. There are multiple options available for this component ranging from a single coloured ceramic tile, a flecked glass mosaic or a patterned border tile in various colour options.

The ranges available from our supplier, The Pool Tile Company, are durable, easy to maintain, high end and available in a large range of prices, colours, sizes, finishes and patterns.



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